Amaka and Child

Amaka is a young woman of about 35years from the South-Eastern part of Nigeria who lives in Uyo (address unknown).

Every situation surrounding her indicated she was an abandoned and a mentally disordered person who roamed about seeking for a helping and caring hand.

Amaka was found by members of the Foundation in a dilapidated building following a tip-off by neighbours around. She was not found alone but with a baby delivered by her without any aid. The Mobile Manna Foundation had to intervene immediately by carrying her and the baby and giving both comfortable environments to live.

This is one of the many humanitarian services the Foundation offers to people who are mentally ill.

Together we can join hands to raise the bar of hope of many Nigerians whose hope of surviving and living a dignified life rest in the hands of those who care so much about their plight.

With God, all things are possible.

Godsgift Amaka is now under the loving hands of the Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus at the Mother Charles Walker Children Home, Anua, Uyo.


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