It is not mere speculation to describe the Abak Road axis of Ibom Plaza, as one of the most strategic and busiest locations in Uyo metropolis. It is a fulcrum, where the Uyo city spread in terms of commercial activities and mass movement of persons to other towns in Akwa Ibom, making this area a converging point for all categories of persons on twenty-four-hour basis every day.
The most distinctive feature at the beginning of this road is the Qua Iboe Church,a monumental building of more than a hundred years of existence. The Abak Road (now called Olusegun Obasanjo Road), a dual carriageway is divided into two by a concrete pavement, flanked by shops where music video and audio vendors blare out popular Nigerian tunes. There is a “wonder dancer” who seems to enjoy these tunes!

A significant and attractive presence at the centre of the pavement is Queen, a one-armed amputee young lady suspected to be mentally ill. Queen stays at this strategic place in a very dehumanizing condition, not having care and protection (lacking food, clothing, and shelter), exposed to violence, ridicule, and naturally also to the compassion of passers-by.

The pathetic plight of Queen, obviously evoked sympathy of onlookers. The MMF as “a compassionate face of the city”  has drawn up a comprehensive programme for her treatment and rehabilitation. The MMF has concluded findings on the cost implication of Queen’s medical treatment at the Mental Health Department of the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital (UUTH), Uyo. The Foundation would love to pay her medical bills and to embark on her rehabilitation.

It is worthy to mention that Queen is a regular beneficiary of the MMF’s Food Distribution to the abandoned mentally ill persons. On Saturday 12th May, 2012 the MMF staff and volunteers had a chat with Queen. During sporadic communication, she expressed her desire to be given proper care. To facilitate this project, the MMF had written to inform and request the collaboration to Nigerian Police Force, Akwa Ibom State Command to transfer Queen to the hospital. Hopefully, when the request is granted she will be picked up and her treatment and rehabilitation will commence. We will keep you informed of her progress. Together, let’s raise the bar of hope!

Mr. Anietie Umanah
Project Manager

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