Amaka Ubani, an abandoned and mentally ill woman of about thirty-five years old was met by the members of MMF during our Food Distribution Outreach (FDO) to the abandoned mentally ill persons on 26th November, 2011. She was found in a burnt and dilapidated storey building on Olusegun Obasanjo Way (Abak Road), Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom State. The most pitiable but captivating fact about Amaka was that she had just put to birth. She delivered our baby without any assistance on 24th November, 2011. The Foundation made arrangements for their accommodation, treatment, and sustenance.

Within six months of intensive treatment and care, Amaka regained her mental and physical health and was now yearning to be reunited with her family members. The Foundation, therefore, sent a team to go with her to her village in Abia State to verify the basic information she gave about her background. During the visit, the team met with her father and other relatives who were very happy to behold Amaka alive and healthy. They immediately made phone calls to her brothers and sisters to give the breaking news of Amaka’s Health and Transformation. Their joy knew no bound when Amaka embraced her aged father who was shedding tears of joy profusely. The excitement in the atmosphere was just electrifying!

Amaka came back to Uyo with the team because the conditions at her home were considered inadequate for her rehabilitation. A few weeks later, Mr. Okechukwu Ubani, one of her siblings came to collect her. The excitement of Amaka at the sight of her brother was amazing. Their embrace revealed hope alive! The visibly elated Amaka was happy to follow her brother’s home. She is now living in Lagos with her brother Okechukwu, going about her normal businesses, like every other “struggling Nigerian.” The Ubani’s family decided that Amaka’s baby should continue to stay under the care of MMF at Mother Charles Walker Children Home, Anua, Uyo till when they can take care of her. The baby is really a bundle of joy in the home. Together, we can make a miracle of transformation to happen!


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