The members of St. Agatha’s Society under the CWO of  St. Gregory Parish, Eket, Akwa Ibom State visited the Pilgrims Home on 1st February 2014 to bring the “perfume of goodness” to the patients undergoing rehabilitation at the Home. The visit was part of the programmes of the society to celebrate the feast day of St. Agatha known for and admired globally for her goodness and chastity. Following the footsteps of the Saint, the members of the society are committed to the practice of Christian virtues of chastity and goodness in society. They were visibly elated by the services the Mobile Manna Foundation is offering to alleviate the suffering of the mentally ill persons in Akwa Ibom State. They pledged to assist the Foundation in promoting mental health while donating foodstuff and other domestic items to care for the patients.

They were conducted round the facilities by the Research Associate and acting Manager, Adia Echem, who explained the operational principles of the Foundation to them reiterating the mission and vision of the Foundation. The Founder, Fr. Donatus Ukpong while thanking St. Agatha’s Society for their gifts, assured them of remembrance in prayers. He urged them to become the apostles of mental health wherever they find themselves, to join the Foundation and above all to continue to spread the goodness of St. Agatha to the less privileged members of the society. He wished them a happy feast day celebration and prayed God to lead them safely back to their homes.


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