We appreciate in a very special way our supporters and friends within and outside the state for helping us provide medication to mentally challenged ones. Friends, it will interest you to know that Mobile Manna Foundation who came to this part of the world in the year 2008 by the initiative and instrumentality of Rev. Fr. Dr. Donatus Ukpong is currently accommodating 17 patients in its Rehabilitation Centre, while about 410 persons are accessing treatment as outpatients. The Foundation has successfully rehabilitated and integrated more than 427 mentally challenged persons back into society and reunited them with their families between 2011 and 2019. The Mobile Manna Foundation renders free services to these individuals, relying on the supports of its esteemed partners and donations from the general public.

My Brothers and Sisters, every 30th December of the year we invite friends and well wishes and gather like this to celebrate our patients, staff and success story of the Foundation and this evening the event which is always been held in high esteem by every staff and member of the Foundation has come to closure for the year. And at this point, we thank you all for making it possible for us to give them ( patients) a new life of hope that truly they can go about doing their businesses like every other human being created by God.

Gentlemen of the press, we from this part of the world (MMF) understand the season we are in now, that is a season of providing cloth for the naked ones, feeding those who are hungry, and visiting the prisoners giving them hope of another life in Christ Jesus who was brutalized, condemned to death, humiliated on the cross and laid to rest by a secret disciple and risen with a crown on His head to reign for life which we can truly say is the birth of Christianity and friends sharing in this joy of our risen Christ we ask you to stop by and say hi to patients of Mobile Manna Foundation who some were brought naked, some rejected by family members and some came thirsty and all of them searching for Wellness. We shall ever be ready and happy receiving a cup of rice from you or your family members for them to eat. Remember, nothing is too small.
Thanks so much for turning up in this year’s party. Together, we raise the bar of hope.


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