About Us


The Mobile Manna Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization registered by the Nigerian authorities (CAC/IT/NO 43532) for non-profit social interventions in the mental health sector, developmental actions, and enhancement of democratic values.

The MMF came into existence in 2008 through the initiative of a Catholic priest, Fr. Donatus Pius Ukpong. To mark the 10th Anniversary of his Priestly Ordination, he organized “Anniversary Dinner,” where through a drama, the guests were sensitized on the plight of the mentally sick persons in the city of Uyo. They immediately volunteered to co-operate in order to raise the bar of hope for the less privileged members of the society, especially the abandoned mentally sick persons. They decided to help the Government to remove them from the streets and give them complete rehabilitation in a community-based facility.

The Board of Trustees of the MMF was incorporated on 28th February 2011. The MMF from its inception has been committed to intervention activities (whether physical or intellectual) to confront the abandonment of mentally sick persons, and attempts to break the vicious cycle of poverty-sickness-poverty, especially in the rural areas of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.


Our vision is a society where no human being is abandoned to dangerous and dehumanizing forces especially because of mental sickness and lack of information or formation.


Our mission is to collaborate with professionals to offer world-class services to the mentally ill and abandoned persons, by offering them total rehabilitation, enhancing the humanity of all and showing the challenged persons the love of God in order to raise their hope.

In the Service of Freedom

In many developing countries, the social welfare system is not adequate enough to cater for the less privileged effectively. Those who cannot provide for themselves often have no official place to seek help. Their inability to access information makes the matter worse, and complicate their precarious situation. A little symptom can grow into a big health problem, leading to an eventual mental breakdown, and other forms of unpleasant modes of living. The final result of such a situation is the loss of the freedom and human dignity of these persons.

There is, therefore, a call to work for the freedom of these persons, in order to restore their human dignity. This service demands our collective and individual actions, if we must make the world a better place for all, and support the less privileged, especially the mentally sick, to recover their freedom and human dignity. We have to do something, we can change their situation, restore their dignity and reintegrate them into society.

For them, MMF was born and we enjoy working for their freedom. Any reason for not being in the service of freedom, for the sake of our common humanity? Be part of the MMF, the compassionate face of society! Together we can foster freedom and human dignity! Let us raise the bar of hope higher for all human beings!