Our Projects

Our projects are varied and continuous. They include:

  1.  Field research on Attitude and Experience of Mentally Ill Persons in Uyo metropolis (2011-2012).
  2. Daily Distribution of Food to mentally ill persons (on-going)
  3. Fish Farming and Sustainability in Rural Communities of Akwa Ibom State (On-going).
  4. Care and Support of PLWV and Free Counseling Services to the public in Akwa Ibom (our counseling services cover mental health challenges, relationship crisis, addiction to substances, HIV/AIDS, academic stress, home management, financial challenges, ministry, and spiritual challenges, etc).
  5. Treatment, Rehabilitation, and Reintegration of mentally ill persons at Mental Health Rehabilitation and Research Centre.
  6. A community-based drug dependence treatment services started in May 2016 _ December 2019. at Manna Rethink Centre, funded by European Union and implemented by UNODC.
  7. Drug Dependence Treatment and Care Sensitization in Uyo and Itu LGAs from May 2019 (On-going), funded by European Union and implemented by UNODC. 


We intend to make public all our projects when necessary. The MMF projects involve daily execution, short term execution, and long term execution plans. All our projects are in line with the vision of the Foundation and aimed at fostering authentic freedom for all human beings, irrespective of their economic and health status.