Team Outreach to the mentally ill persons

We reached out to the mentally ill persons in Uyo metropolis on 17th June, 2011.

This woman was reached along Edet Akpan Avenue, Uyo. She communicated fluently with us and requested shelter from us. She needed to be assisted constantly by the Foundation. She is not a typical psychiatric patient.


She was reached along Wellington Bassey Way, Uyo. She communicated with us and left abruptly when she requested for financial assistance and was not given. She was willing to receive food and money from us.


He was reached along Mbiabong by Oron Road. His home is near where we met him according to the shop owner. He accepted food from us. He communicated with us through bodily signs. He was very corporative and was willing to receive assistance from us.


He did not respond to questions that were addressed to him. He indicated that he was not willing to communicate with us. He was reached along Mbiabong Etoi, Oron Road, Uyo. His case is complicated as he may have both medical and physical challenges.


She was very nice and communicated freely with us. She accepted food from us and was ready to follow us home. She said that she was tired of wandering about and needed to be given a permanent place to stay. She lamented the fact that she has no fixed place where she could be reached by the Foundation. Hence, she wanted to be taken immediately. She gave her name as Grace. She was reached in front of Uyo High School, Oron Road, Uyo.


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